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" The naked girl, inaccessible for so long, smiled at me, lying on the table, legs apart, in the middle of the office. Strewn with scattered clothes A stream of sperm flowed out of her cunt right onto the documents that she needed for work. Hello Dear reader, I want to talk a little about BDSM, my name is Herman, now I'm 218 years old, I was in BDSM LS relationships at the bottom of 18 years, that is, I got into the topic at the age of 18 when I was in college, everything I write about is really taken from my personal life, my the stories will be useful for novice lower and Diminants in order to better understand yourself and what you really need, today by going to any dating site you see a bunch of Questionnaires and offers from men who consider themselves slaves and are ready for anything, an offer to pee in their mouths or pooping give from licking contacts overwhelmed by modest and not so girls, in fact, this way -90 of these men are fetishists and just those who decided to diversify their sex life with something new after watching and jerking off to porn of such content, to the real topic of BDSM slavery they have nothing in common, I will give an example one thing to watch porn with pissing it is very exciting and awakens the primal instinct is another thing when you excuse the rudeness piss in your mouth and you try to swallow it and then at the first sip you realize that it didn't become quite as exciting as you imagined it to be, another type is those who are ready when excited and can drink and urine but as soon as they finish if they still offer to swallow another of your precious urine, they will simply turn them over and they dont need it for nothing, and they themselves dont understand how they could just drink it, all these fetishists have almost forgotten about the third category lovers of anal sex, by and large, they dont care who they have, well, and the fetish can be added a little there is still a very small percentage of masochists here is the main category of persons that occurs when dating from the bottom, but all these persons have nothing to do with real thematic slavery because at the head of their aspirations to the topic is their satisfaction desires are different fetishes or pain like those of masochists, but with a real slave, in the first place, very satisfying the top, you may not be satisfied at all. even for a long time, very few people agree to such a generally real bottom (slave) or (slave) this is a. Great rarity and great value, I knew one pair of top and bottom so the bottom girl 20 years old was with her top from the words of her top monik feet fair if who does not understand the word top ,you can look for a real slave (slave) for years and not find them, so you need to appreciate and try not to let go. In general, any thematic relationship of BDSM for some reason is considered to monik feet fair something out of the ordinary, unusual and even perversion, with most fetishes it. Is clear who accepts what, for some it is no longer acceptable to take it in your mouth, and kissing a girl when she gives you a blowjob is normal, but for others and scat it is the norm of life, their desires and passion, therefore, this is already for everyone their own passion, their own limit of perception, there is nothing to impose. It should be noted that most modern couples have at least once practiced role-playing games and easy domination and submission or their elements.

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